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So some of you are still wandering around in here. Maybe you’re lost, I don’t know. I feel like it must be pretty empty for you because there’s not a lot going on, in fact there’s NOTHING going on.

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Book Review: The Secret Garden

Well, if you were expecting to come here and find a review of the delightful The Secret Garden you are fresh out of luck. Know why?! Because I posted it on my NEW BLOG

I’ve had some new people start to follow this blog but that’s a silly thing to do because this blog effectively doesn’t exist anymore. I’m just a ghoul of blogs past, here to remind to you move your ass over to my NEW BLOG which is way awesomer than this one.

And if you want a review of The Secret Garden, that’s where you’ll find it. If you don’t, you should still go to my new blog anyway. 

Sunshine Stumble

Ok guys, some of you are new here despite the fact that I’ve told you I’m leaving. And it’s not that I don’t want you around, I definitely do, I just want you around at my new blog. Soon I won’t be posting here anymore and then your decision to follow me will have been in vain because I won’t be writing anything here. But I’ll be writing lots at my new blog, so come over and say hello. Anyway, to wean you off slowly, here is the Stumble for today. It looks better on my new blog though.


It has turned out to be a day full of glorious sunshine here in Lancashire, which was all the better for being completely unexpected after a day of incessant rain yesterday. Consequently, I’ve a face full of freckles and I’m pink everywhere else. However, I didn’t just waste my time mindlessly laying outside; I did a Stumble at the same time so I could provide you with some super links from the internet. Perhaps you could peruse them in the garden if it’s nice where you are. I do hope it is.

Remember that none of this content is mine.

Too true:

I’ve often thought about how I’ll handle the whole gender situation when I have kids of my own because I know I’ll purposely want to against the stereotypes. However, this lady has got it spot on in my opinion and I’d love to parent like she does when my time comes. (via Courtney)

Did you know that every time you switch on a light, a little hamster has to pedal furiously to power your house? Well, to help remind you of this fact, here are some handy wall stickers.

As if Facebook couldn’t get any worse, here is the latest dreadfulness to emerge – Bang With Friends. Gross. I totally checked whether any of my friends were using it though. They weren’t.

Sleepy duck:

Five landscapes that are breathtaking… because they are trying to KILL YOU. Two of them are in the UK, yikes! (via Nova)

An cool, but kind of sad, art installation featuring hundreds of melting ice men.

If only all experiences of working in customer services were this cool.

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal (see more here):
ry gos

This freaked me out quite a lot: a two inch feather was pulled from a baby’s neck. What the hell.

child abuse advertising campaign that has a dual message; one for kids, one for adults. I think this is pretty clever.

Nine bizarre medical conditions. I’ve been telling people about the BIID thing ever since I read this article because I just can’t get my head around it. (via Courtney)

Star Wars Stumble: Photographs of the abandoned Tatooine film set.

What it would be like if a bear put you into his mouth and carried you around:

Normally I hate “love yourself” kind of advice because it’s really easy to say but doesn’t actually have much of an impact on the way the reader feels about themselves. However, these are simple, easy to achieve tips for confidence that make sense for life in general which I really like. (via Nova)

Acknowledging privilege and power and using that knowledge to understand and appreciate feminism – I love this article about becoming a male feminist.

These three dimensional animals painted in resin are absolutely brilliant, and so pretty. I can’t believe how realistic they are. The blue fighter fish is my favourite I think.

Handy chart on how to get a bikini body.

Please pay attention to me!

Tattoos that were inspired by books.

Mother Nature can be pretty darn impressive at times. Other times, not so much.

Who knew an airborne beverage could look so beautiful? (via Nova)

A pretty accurate portrayal of the creative process. The amount of self doubt stations is most definitely true to life.

And the cutie for today, sunbathing panda:
sunbathing panda


Celebratory Giveaway with Bekl

If you’re seeing this blog post popping up in your reader (or whatever fandangled creation you use to keep track of your blogs) it’s because you haven’t moved over to my new blog yet! Go to my new site at Eeep I’m A Blogger to catch up with the latest and see my pretty new site. Then bookmark it or follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep up with my new posts.

For now, I will keep posting in here to remind you that you need to change your bookmarks… but soon I will be gone. And if you don’t come with me, you won’t hear from me again and that would be really sad I think.


To celebrate my the launch of my new blog, I thought I’d do a bit of a giveaway because I love sending people things in the mail, most of all my lovely blog readers. I know that people love to receive mail too, so it’s a win win situation.

I’ve teamed up with the fabulous Rebecca of Bekl Surf Bracelets to give three (yes, three!) lucky Eeep I’m A Blogger readers the chance to win some really cute jewellery.


Bekl is great for a number of reasons. Firstly, the jewellery is really nice and completely handmade using fair trade sources. Secondly, the products are great value despite the fact that Bekl has appeared in Glamour and Vogue and has numerous celebrity supporters. And finally, Rebecca is all about doing her bit to help others. Bekl makes a number of pieces that contribute to charity and is currently donating £1 per Smile Bracelet sold to the Beat Bullying campaign. That’s the kind of company I am all over. So, since Rebecca is clearly the coolest, and since I am a massive advocate of helping others I asked if she’d like to help me give some stuff away. Of course she said yes, because that’s the kind of person she is.

So, a package arrived today containing three lovely pieces from the Bekl collection for you, my dear readers, to win. To be honest, I’d really like to keep them all for myself but I suppose that’s not the point of this whole exercise (boo). Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Orange Smile Bracelet:
Orange Smile Bracelet

Turquoise Gold Bar Thread:

Turquoise Gold Bar Thread

Orange Turtle Anklet:
Orange Turtle Anklet

All you’ve got to do to be in with a chance of winning is tell me a joke in the comments (keep it clean, folks!) The winners will be picked at random and announced on Monday 20th May. Good luck!

Now, go and visit Bekl’s website and see what else you’d like to buy.

NB: Giveaway entries will not be accepted on this post; you need to go to my new site and comment there in order to be entered!! You might as well bookmark it whilst you’re there too….

I’ve Moved!

Hello darling readers!

So, I’m very excited to tell you that my new blog website is FINALLY up and ready for you to have a look at. Eeeep! It feels like it’s been forever in the making but I’m so glad that I can finally reveal it. Unfortunately, this means that I’ll be leaving this little blog behind which is kind of sad because I’ve had some great times here. However, it’s not all sad because I’m not totally abandoning it, I’ve taken all of my posts and comments with me. It’s still the same blog, just prettier and paid for.

So all of my posts and comments have been transferred over, all I need now is for my faithful readers to come with me. So get your bookmarks and blog readers changed to my new site please! You can find me here:

I’d be so incredibly pleased if you’d all come along and have a little mooch around my site and perhaps stay for a while. So, I’ll see you there!

The 2013 Checklist: April

Oh dear. April was not a good month for ticking things off the checklist and I’m going to attribute that to the fact that April went by ridiculously quickly, and also the copious episodes of Game of Thrones watched. Anyway, I shall carry on regardless.

April 2013
Books read: None. Again. Gah. I did start a new book though so I promise that May’s review will be different.

Films watched: The Lion King. I think that was all but I can’t remember because I have a list on my phone to keep track which I accidentally deleted. However, as I said, Game of Thrones took over pretty much everything throughout April.

Song I’ve listened to a lot: Pompeii by Bastille.

The 2013 Checklist
As I said, not much to see here. I promise I’ll try to do better next month.

Item #55: Hang something new on the wall
Greg and I had a multitude of tasks that needed doing around the house. You know the kind of thing; putting photographs in frames, hanging up pictures, hanging curtains, buying new towels. So during the Easter Bank Holiday we had a day where we blitzed all of the house things that needed doing and hanging up new things was part of that. Here are the things we put up:

Some caricatures that we got done in Paris when we first got together. Greg’s is way better than mine:

Our collection of Olympic stamps which Greg had to put together because I’m too obsessive about thing being straight:

A duo of posters; the Rear Window print that I bought Greg for Christmas and a Wuthering Heights poster which Greg bought me for Christmas (it has my favourite quote – “whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same”):

I know it’s not in line with the bed but it’s in the middle of the wall. It was the lesser of two evils.

So that’s literally it. I did basically nothing in April except watch television. I’m quite ashamed of myself actually. May is going to be good though, promise. Hope you’re all having a good month so far.

Bank Holiday Links

Well, it’s nice to be sitting here without the Sunday blues on this lovely, sunny evening. Not that I hate my job or anything, I totally don’t, but Sunday is just one of those horrible days where there’s nothing on television and your weekend is over, you know? I’ve always felt like this about Sundays, ever since I was little and getting bathed and doing homework before school on Monday. However, there’s yet another Bank Holiday here in the UK so we’ve got a nice three day weekend to enjoy.

Here are some links to take you into your Monday, wherever in the world you are. As usual, none of this content is my own because it has all been handpicked especially for you.

Why rock/paper/scissors is stupid:

This is a really great article about how people, especially women, are expected to smile and be polite when their space boundaries are challenged, but instead they should be firm and assertive to space invaders. I would warn anybody to be cautious in how this is achieved because obviously it’s a dangerous and scary thing to do, however space is a right and nobody has the right to take it away from you for their own gain.

I really don’t like Get Off My Internets because, well, it’s mean. However, Bloggers Anonymous is an infinitely better idea and I’m hooked already. It’s such a kind thing to do and just emphasises how lovely the blogging community can be. (via Nova)

Here are twenty weird items that really do exist. I absolutely love the juice box cameras, so cute.

An idea came to me” and lots of other really cute comics.

Cat desperate for hugs:
cat hugs






Woah. Shark skin is made up of tiny little teeth. You can have a look at what shark skin looks like under a microscope here, as well as seven other ordinary objects that look pretty awesome that close up.

I’m not really sure if this tattoo is real but I love the idea of it. Although, I can’t image it’d be fake if a company have put their name to it surely?

So, you know the internet sensation Grumpy Cat who is absolutely fecking adorable? Well, it turns out that Tardar Sauce (her real name) has a form of dwarfism and that is why her face looks so grumpy. Here are some other cool facts about Grumpy Cat.

Holy shit. A person was swallowed by a hippo and survived to tell the tale. For reals. Waaaah. Craziest thing ever.

A dog really enjoying an ice lolly:
ice lolly dog

Ok, I don’t know all of the games on here, but these examples of why video games can be damn ridiculous at times are hilarious.

We all know that it’s really cute when our dogs stick their bum in the air and give a little wiggle to show that they want to play, or when our cats stalk around the furniture ready to pounce on a toy mouse. Well, it turns out that lots of animals are sneaky sneakersons and here are some great photos of them snooping around.

A really sweet person who happens to live in the same town as me (what are the chances of stumbling that?!), made a lifejacket for his fantail goldfish because he couldn’t swim. Adorable.

Star Wars Stumble: Indiana Jones meets Star Wars.

Silly, but funny:

What happens if you find a photograph of a squirrel on the internet and you’ve got lots of time on your hands? It turns into a superhero squirrel, that’s what.

I love this idea – a photographer’s girlfriend ‘leads him around the world’. It’s really clever. This girlfriend seems to have lots of great clothes and an array of nail varnishes so between that and the trip around the world, they must have plenty of money. I also really like that the last photograph is in Ikea, like it’s an important world destination.

Ever wondered what a killer whale crossed with a penguin might look like? Or a sloth and a hawk? Well, now you can find out with these brilliantly photoshopped animal photographs. Guinea pigs must be super easy to meld with other animals because there are a lot of them on here.

Cat Laws – these are so incredibly true. Most of these are reasons why I absolutely love cats.

The cuties for today – stega-tortoises:

At the end of another month

Holy shit, you guys. Where the heck is this year going to? It’s May tomorrow for goodness sake. Or as Caitlin and Suzy posted on my Facebook news feed:

It's gonna be may


Ahh the hilarity. Anyway, April has passed by in a blur and I think I’ve ticked one item off the checklist because I’ve basically been sitting around watching television all month. But the sun is starting to come out and I’m starting to feel more motivated about everything so hopefully less television will ensue.

I thought I’d check in with a quick ‘currently’ post because I feel like I lost myself in all of the feminism back there somewhere so I’m just reminding you that Suzy is still here. So, I am currently…

Reading: The Secret Garden which is an extremely welcome break after the dread brought around by Catch-22. My Kindle is finally being loved again, hurrah! I’m enjoying The Secret Garden and it’s super easy to read (kids book, duh) so it’s what I need from a book right now.

Watching: Masterchef, as always. Greg absolutely detests it though so I’m having to stockpile the episodes and watch them whilst he’s still at work. I’ve told him in no uncertain terms that I will, however, be watching the final this week and he will  have to endure it. Also watching Game of Thrones, along with a billion other people. Most of April has been taken up by watching the first two series of this programme and now we’ve caught up and have to watch one per week so we don’t really know what to do with ourselves.

Listening to: Bastille, Paramore, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters & Men, The National, anything cheery. I’ll be getting Mylo Xyloto out again soon because it’s the perfect summer album. Not that it was ever really put away.

Doing: Some running. I bought a ‘couch to 5k’ app on my phone which breaks you in gently and works you up to running a 5k. I’ve only done one session so far so I’m going again tonight. I’ve discovered that it’s really helpful if you don’t feel like you’re about to hyperventilate or die of exhaustion. I’m also finishing off my new blog, eeep! Who knew it’d be so difficult to sort out a colour scheme.

Loving: The arrival of the sunshine! Just need a bit of heat to go with it and I will be happy as Larry for the foreseeable future.

Thinking about: Writing. After the reaction to some of my recent blog posts, it got me thinking about writing ‘properly’ more often. Not sure though, I’ll have to see.

Worrying about: Change. Because I hate it and it frightens the bejesus out of me.

Looking forward to: Seeing Beyonce in June with one of my best friends. Also looking forward to a proper summer, without torrential rain if possible. I’m looking forward to launching my new blog of course and it won’t be long now. Also looking forward to the prospect of a holiday abroad.

So yeah, that’s me for the moment. A really boring whirlwind of nights on the couch with Greg watching HBO programming and blogging my life away. What have you been up to?

Sunday Stumble

Afternoon my dear readers! How are we all? As it’s Sunday I am sticking to my faithful duty of providing you with some awesome links from the vast resource that is the internet. My blog has been very feminism orientated this past week which has been hugely enjoyable but also quite tiring so I’m glad to be doing a Stumble to break things up a bit.

I am making great progress on my new blog site and it should be ready to go soon! I’m so excited for you all to see it. I hope you’re not going to be vastly disappointed after the huge amount of time I appear to have spent on it. I haven’t been solidly working on it all of this time, I’m too busy trying to keep this blog full of marvellous content *winkwink*. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated about that. Onto the Stumble… (none of this content is my own).

This cat knows how to relax:
beanbag cat

This is so great. A dog who photobombed every single photo in an apartment listing. I think he’s trying to make any potential buyers feel guilty because he doesn’t want to move apartments.

Drawings on paper towels. The world would be much more interesting if there were more things like this around. In fact, this website is full of great drawings. I love quirky stuff like this, especially when there is some great vocabulary involved, like “eschew” and “cut of your jib”.

Oh my goodness, a Reddit thread that stemmed from the question “What is the creepiest thing your child has ever said to you?” is really, really freaky. I couldn’t stop reading the endless examples; kids are so fucking weird. Gems such as “here’s where they put the dead babies”, “can I play with the girl on the slide” (nobody there), and “I want to peel all of your skin off”. Enjoy the strangeness.

Narcoleptic kitten:

If Disney characters had Facebook this is probably what they’d be talking about.

I’ve had approximately 1,300 Saturdays in my life so far, how many have you had and how will you spend them?

A cute story about a missing piece who gets advice from The Big O and feels better about life. You don’t have to just be a missing piece!

Michael Buble decides to give a surprise subway performance:

Paintings that depict nightmares and visions of hell. Creepy stuff.

To make you feel better about life, here are some cute animals sleeping in odd places.

I think that this is what most people want love to feel like. We spend so much time watching films and tv shows which tell us that love is like this, when really it’s the small stuff that’s important.

Star Wars Stumble; hahahaha:
googly eyed luke

Feeling down? Need a hug? Here are some, strangely captivating, virtual hugs from total strangers.

I absolutely love these intricately patterned animal illustrations. The owl and the butterflies are my favourites. This is the kind of thing I’d like to have on my wall. I’d like to see some coloured versions.

Some great examples of the “You had one job to do” meme. This meme really makes me laugh for some reason, some of them are just so utterly ridiculous.

Insane talent:

This RGB Colourspace Atlas is so cool, not to mention really pretty to look at. Only problem is, it doesn’t tell you what the colours actually are. And it’d take up a lot of space on your bookshelf.

Women who make beautiful horse sculptures out of driftwood.


Some really cool clay art. These sculptures are so dreamy and surreal, I love them. My favourite is the whale.

Whenever I think “paintings of fruit” I automatically think boring, old-fashioned paintings of fruit bowls. This, on the other hand, is some fruit art that I would love to have on my kitchen walls. So intricate and so pretty.

Infographic on the differences between dog and cat lovers. I think this is all a load of tosh and I didn’t match up to most of it, but I wondered if anyone else might do?

Cutie for today: watermelon picnic:
watermelon picnic

Yet More Bullshittery

If Aragorn had turned to Legolas in the battle for Middle Earth and made a comment about how he’d managed to keep his long, silvery locks in such fantastic condition despite all the fighting he had been doing, it might be argued that Legolas would shoot Aragorn a look of confusion and say “well thanks, but there are more pressing things at hand right now”.

If Tallahassee had remarked at the miraculous way in which Witchita had continued to look superb throughout the endless zombie killing and bloodshed they had just endured, she’d have sworn at him and maybe shouted “that’s nice, but focus on killing the fucking zombies!!” because she’s feisty like that.

If Jan Moir had turned to Katherine Jenkins in the middle of the London Marathon and exclaimed how wonderfully Katherine’s make up had remained on her face despite all of the running and sweating she had been doing, Katherine might say “hey thanks, but I’m too busy raising £25,000 for charity to give a shit about what a stupid idiot you are Jan” (here’s what she actually said).

Yes, in yet another instance of bullshittery from the Daily Mail, Jan Moir has managed to somehow turn Katherine Jenkins’ beauty into something to be criticised. At the weekend, the lovely Ms. Jenkins succeeded at the gruelling task of running the London Marathon, raising a magnificent £25,000 in the process. However, all Jan could focus on was Katherine’s “sooty false eyelashes and coal black eyeliner” and, lord have mercy, Katherine’s “silvery manicure, ever tanned limbs…and raisin sized diamonds in her ears”.

Four words Jan – Who Gives A Fuck.

I mean, look at her:
Firstly it should be acknowledged that Katherine has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to something which is extremely challenging and something which most people won’t achieve in their lifetime. Mile after gruelling mile, all of your training leading up to this huge event. The achievement of actually finishing the marathon is brilliant enough in itself, let alone having raised £25,000 for one of the world’s most necessary charities. I mean, that is a huge sum of money. Then, if we absolutely must talk about her appearance, Katherine did all of that and still looked bloody gorgeous at the end of it.

Katherine’s appearance simply isn’t worth writing an entire article on Jan, especially when it’s blindingly obvious that this scorning of Katherine’s attire is a simply a way to undermine her hard work. She could have ran the marathon in a ball gown for all I care, because all anybody should be bothered about is what was achieved. If Katherine had crossed the line drenched in sweat, hair stuck to her face, bright red and panting with mascara smeared across her tanned face then Jan probably would have written an article about how dreadful she looked, so you really can’t win, can you.

Women, let’s stop tearing each other down, ok? Yes we get jealous sometimes and yes, sometimes women we don’t like very much achieve things that are worthy of praise and we don’t want to praise them BUT that is no excuse.

Ladies have got enough shit to deal with without the likes of Samantha Brick and Jan Moir fucking it up for everybody else. So let’s just celebrate each other and give credit where it’s due, ok?

Well done Katherine, I think you’re super duper.